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Indonesia Cement Institute (ICI) was established in the year of 1989 as an embryo of Asean Cement Institute. Due to the development of its activities based on cement and concrete technology, name of ICI was changed into Indonesia Cement And Concrete Institute (ICCI) in 1993. Since its establishment, ICCI has been committed to develop its activities on four main fields are

  • Training and education for the employees of th Indonesian Cement Manufacturers of Indonesia Cement Association members
  • Research and Development on the fields that very close related to the cement and concrete industries
  • Technical Services, and
  • Information Center

  • For the first year since its establishment, ICCI focused its activity on training, seminar and workshop. In the year of 1997 ICCI launched training and education center building and began to recruit some researchers in order to run its three other activities.
    Along with the success acquired, it is considerable nevertheless to demand all resources include professional researcher team and auxiliaries availability supported, for the sake of smoothness and continuance of ICCI objectives. Reliable quality is what assures ICCI future.
    Further on, the peak once ever gained is capability of bringing ICCI to become a self-reliance institution to offer a wide range of services to the Indonesian Cement Manufacturers and related industries.

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